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Beetroot Hummus with Tortilla Wedges

Yum! Is all I can say. I love eating buttered beets and I have always prepared them one way. Now, I found another reason to grow even more this summer. Beet hummus with baked, salted tortilla wedges.

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Update – No Soda For A Month Challenge

It has been exactly one month for our “No soda for a month challenge” in our home.  Out of the four members of our family, two went without soda the entire month.  The additional two cheated, twice.

For me, I didn’t cheat.  I craved soda for the first three weeks.  The headaches for the first two weeks were terrible.  Drinking soda is an addiction.  The caffeine and sweetness fed the need for me to get through my day.

By the third week, the headaches were gone.  The scale showed an 8 pound weight loss and I knew that I could get through my days without soda. I had regained some of my energy and I didn’t seem to need that extra pick me up in the afternoon.

For my husband and son, both also suffered headaches as well.  We went through three small bottles of pain reliever during the month.  The guys came home from school and work and took naps a few times over the first three weeks.

Both guys cheated.  My husband took pain reliever the first week and by day 8 he couldn’t stand his pounding headache.  He had a soda at that point.  In about a half an hour his headache had subsided.  The second time we were out for dinner.  By mistake, he ordered a soda.

My husband lost 7 pounds over the course of his month without soda.

Our son, he was truthful.  He cheated once while staying up studying for two school tests and the second time was when he went out for a ride with his friend who had just got his license.  At least that is what he states 😉

I don’t believe he lost any weight for the month.  Although, he is so fit due to his fitness routines I am not sure where he would loss the weight from.

For our daughter, she didn’t suffer the headaches because she has been drinking caffiene free soda for a little over 9 years.  She noticed weight loss of 5 pounds and that she wasn’t craving as many sugary foods after dropping the daily soda habit.

All together we dropped 20 pounds between the family in one month.  Instead of purchasing soda for the home for the week, we saved the money for a trip.

1 Month Benefits
$44.00 in savings toward a trip –  (2 – 12 packs of soda)  x 4 weeks  = $44.00
20 pounds of weight loss

Are we going to stick with this plan?  We intend on not purchasing soda to keep in the house.  Opting for healthier choices like Infused Water.

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No Soda For A Month Challenge

Decided something a few weeks back…pretty much EVERYTHING I consume is bad for me.  How many times have you thought the same thing?

If you browse the internet long enough you will find videos, articles and information that pretty much make you not want to put anything into your mouth, unless you grow it yourself.

For me, I have been trying to just stay away from this type of posting.  Don’t want to horrify myself any more than I have to.

Since, I have seen some of the videos and read so much about drinking soda; I decided to try and cut it out of my diet. I’ll spare you all the details on drinking soda.  You are more than welcome to look them up for yourself. For this month, as a trial from 4-1-15 – 4-30-15 my husband and I vowed to not touch diet or regular soft drinks. If all goes well; and we are seeing results – of course, we will continue down the path.


It has been one week without soft drinks thus far for both of us. Challenging concept. We both have been long term soda drinkers. In the past, I would purchase 2 twelve packs of soda weekly for the house.  This did not include my husbands beverages at work; nor, any road trip beverages.

The first week you will suffer from headaches and cravings.  It is rather tough to get through.  If anyone tells you that drinking soda is not an addiction and can stop at anytime, they are lying to you and themselves.

Yes, you will go through withdrawal symptoms.  It gets easier with each passing day; but prepare yourself for nasty headaches and crabbiness.  After your first week, things get much easier. Pain relievers will become your best friend for days 1-6.

Weigh-in on our 7th day yielded pleasant results.  Down three pounds for each of us and no headaches.  It was rough getting through the first week.  No lie, I simply will not sugar coat it…

It will be interesting to see what the rest of the month brings now that the headaches have subsided. Hoping to see some results on the scale.  Not planning on changing my diet at all, other than eliminating soda. However, in coming months, I do plan on adding in more challenges.  Challenging ourselves to take small, monthly steps over the remainder of the year toward achieving positive and healthy results. I will update you at the end of the month on the results our our no soda for a month challenge.

Alternative to drinking soda this month—-> Infused Water.