Beetroot Hummus with Tortilla Wedges

Yum! Is all I can say. I love eating buttered beets and I have always prepared them one way. Now, I found another reason to grow even more this summer. Beet hummus with baked, salted tortilla wedges.

I will be completely honest and tell you that the first four bites of this hummus I said I would never make it again.  Our daughter said the same exact thing.  Not wanting to waste it, we did “force” ourselves to eat it.  Well, it grows on you.  We have since made this recipe over and over again.


1-15 oz can of sliced beets or 3 medium fresh beets, cooked EXTREMELY soft. 2 Tablespoons Tahini 1 Garlic Clove (Minced) 1 Tablespoon Cumin 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 1/8 Pepper 5 Tablespoons Lemon Juice




1.) Empty the 15 oz can of sliced beets or 3 fresh, cooked and sliced beets into a mix master. I use my mix master to start the break down of the beets. If you have a large food processor, skip this step completely and continue each additional step all in food processor.


2.) Add 2 Tablespoons Tahini






3.) 5 Tablespoons Lemon Juice







4.) Add Minced Garlic







5.) Add Salt and Pepper






6.) Mix all together if using mix master to form a thick sauce. If you are using a food processor right away, mix all ingredients together.






7.) Transfer the thick and chunky sauce to a food processor and plus a few times for a combined, smooth, thick sauce.




last-picture-1024x6828.) Cut up flour tortillas into wedges and place on a cooking sheet. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray the tortilla wedges with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Bake for 7 minutes on one side and flip the wedges for and again spray and salt the second side. return the wedges to the oven for another 8 minutes. Remove the toasted wedge chips and serve with beet hummus.

You will notice that I omitted the cumin in the pictures above.  This was done on purpose.  After the third batch we found out that we really do not like cumin as a spice.  However, we made the second batch of hummus to bring with us to a friends home and she raved about it.  You can add it or delete it.


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Meals in a Jar – Friday Day 5

Happy Friday to you!  Congratulations on making it through another work week!!  It’s Friiiiiday!  Friiiiiday!  Time to start your weekend.  Any big plans?

Only plans we have is to get the old boat buffed, waxed and fixed up for the season. We are storing it at a marina for the upcoming year. If that goes well, we are thinking about upgrading to a larger boat next year.

We looked at a new 32 foot boat last week and almost purchased it. It is so tempting for the price. One of our good friends owns it and it is a beauty!


In the end, we decided that the smart choice would be to see how much we will use our current 17 foot boat docked at a marina before taking that leap.

Truth be told, we have many activities that take up the summer months and I am just not a 100% certain that we will get our moneys worth out of it.

Today wraps up our week of meals in a jar. Would I keep up the meals in the jars each week? NO WAY. They are handy but preparing a shopping list, making them and then washing the jars is NOT something I would want to do each week.

This week, yes. I didn’t have the time to do nightly prep for supper 3 times a night and the meals in a jar saved me. I would continue to do breakfast and/or lunches. We saved money by preparing the meals this way. Lunches are a huge, money expense for this family. Meals in a jar cut that expense by 75% for the week.

Friday’s Breakfast
Fruit Salad

Cut up any fruits that are in season and stick ’em in a jar. It really couldn’t be any easier. Grab and go.

Friday’s Lunch
Pizza in a Jar

pizza-in-a-jar had a pizza in a jar recipe that made the list fairly quick when I was doing my search. Maybe it was that cute basil leaf on top that caught my eye? Nah, who am I kidding? I am addicted to pizza. The past few months it has not been on the menu due to having so many carbs. For my pizza dough recipe. I used my go to recipe located at NikkiLynnDesigns.

Happy dance for P-I-Z-Z-A today!

Here is where you expect the supper recipe to be, right? Do you know what Friday’s are in Wisconsin? Fish Fry Friday’s! It is tradition to go out for perch on Friday nights. We make a point if the family is all together on Friday night’s to head out. Guess what? We will all be together tonight. The only night this week that we will all be home at the same time.

Ok, so we will not all be together at home…but enjoying each other’s company by heading out together for fish.

Enjoy your weekend! Hoping for enjoyable weather for all.

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Meals in a Jar – Thursday Day 4

Thursday Breakfast
Eggs and Bacon in a Jar



















Thus far, eggs in a jar seem to be a breakfast favorite.  Last night, I made up another 3 jars for tomorrow morning.  My extra oatmeal jars have been eaten my our daughter.  She currently is using them for breakfast and snacks. I just don’t want to overload my family with eggs every morning.  Although, this week.  What the heck.  Again, I found this idea over At The Picket Fence.  I just love the idea!!

Thursday Lunch
7 Layer Dip







Yum! That is one word to describe lunch today. I used a simple recipe from Savory Sweet Life and dressed up the jars to reflect our tastes. Oh, my I’m in heaven today!

Thursday Supper
Chicken Soup








When browsing the internet I came across 100 Days of Real Food’s website.

Which, immediately I said; “Chicken Soup it is.” I didn’t use her recipe because when I make soup I just throw in whatever I have leftover from dinners throughout the weeks. I have a little container that I save my leftover carrots, peas and chicken breast from dinners throughout the weeks and then “throw” a pot of soup together.

I did use 100 Days of Real Foods suggest to freeze the remaining portions in jars though. Now, I have extra meals or lunches when we need them.

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