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Hello and thanks for visiting me ! Let me introduce myself to you.

I’m Nikki, a 40-something-year-old woman from Green Bay, WI. The introduction is where most people ask you to be “real” when describing yourself. So, I will try to do that for you.

I would have to say some of my best qualities are dignity in face of adversity, I’m honest, generous, understanding and I show great actions of selflessness when it comes to those I love.

I have a well-rounded sense of humor and really like the fact that my husband provides me with enough laughter to take away some heartaches.

I don’t allow myself to play enough in life. I find the members in my family need more support, time and patience then perhaps, other families do. I have a daughter with special needs that requires my time and attention to detail. Over the years, things have certainly settled down.  With each up-hill battle, I learned a new set of skills to deal with another portion of my life.  In taking care of her needs, I found that I have the strength inside me to overcome anything I put my mind to.

Our lives have to be structured, disciplined and patterned. Structure leaves less chance for degrees of unpredictability, which can make life more difficult for our family. It is not by choice that I chose to live this way, but rather for a specific need that our lives have evolved to this.

I come last on the chain of command in my household, as far needs go. Truthfully, it helps our household run well and I couldn’t keep a stable home environment any other way. It is not something I want people to pity…because I am in control to change things. I’m making choices that place me as an equal in my household ranks.

When you put yourself on the low-end of the spectrum for too many years, you fall apart on the inside. Certainly, I don’t recommend it and most people couldn’t live the life. You need to be strong; mentally, emotionally and physically in order to deal with all aspects of life. Even more so with a child having a condition that can leave you mentally and emotionally drained.  My Dad told me recently during certain “seasons” of life need you to be on your “A ” game more than others.  That certainly proves true for me.

Although, I have dealt with my fair share of stress; that is not to say good things didn’t come from that stress.  For certain, my experiences have shaped me for the better.  The experiences have pulled out some rather great qualities.  Some, I didn’t know that I had within me or I had felt that I did not.

I seem to do well when I have someone to answer to. Maybe, because I have had so many years of practice doing it out of necessity. It gives me a greater purpose in my life to be the one people look to in the time of need; or, so I think.

However, I have been slowly taking back some time for me. You can only be Super Woman for so long before something gives way. In my case, in the Fall of 2012 I was diagnosed with a type of thyroid cancer. Let me tell you it can scare the heck out of you and change the way you look at the world.  It changes your priorities in life change.  Your views change.  YOU CHANGE.

I had surgery to remove my thyroid and they removed all traces of cancer in my thyroid and lymph nodes. The experience was a brief moment in my life that made me slow down and think about myself and what I wanted for my future.

The life I was given is not one I would have chosen for myself, if I had been given the chance to choose. However, I learned that it WAS the life I was given because I possess the qualities desired to deal with tough situations.

In order to continue to make it through the days you must have a true passion in your life.  Something that is a part of you, it makes getting up each day just a little bit more exciting. It is the passion that keeps you going. I have several passions in my life. My family, photography, blogging and believe it or not, being honest by finding truth and fact. There are many more, but if I add the blogging portion, it covers most of my hobbies as well.

Tomorrow’s journey begins Day 1 of the 365 days to weight loss blog. It will become a blog not about one year of struggles but rather the trails of living everyday of the year and a place to share my thoughts on what shaped me into thinking I did not measure up in this world and what I am doing to change those thought patterns..  It also will give me a chance to share two of my three passions with you and who knows, you might even get to know my family a bit.

The first passion I will share is honesty. Honesty means being truthful. It means not lying and not deceiving another person, including yourself. Sometimes the truth hurts and it comes with a price; but if you want to be the best person you can be, then you always tell the truth. In order for me to make it another 20 years on the face of this earth I need to be honest with myself and with other people.

I need to get healthier by losing some weight and losing some of this pent-up stress.  For myself, I look at health as a mind, body and soul approach. It is not just weight loss.

Throughout the years I have found that sharing information and experiences through blogging is another passion of mine. I have shared information through blogging on additional sites and I figure if just one person reads a posting and it has inspired them – then, I have accomplished something that day.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. I hope you keep checking in to see how I’m doing from time to time. Remember? I like someone to answer to.

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