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Adding Some Arm Weights

I said I was going to start adding weights into my fitness routine besides my 30 minutes of walking or biking.  So, this week I experimented with adding in some arm weights.  Eventually, I am hoping to add in 5-6 days of strength training, working different parts of my body each day.

My weekly goal was to find arm weight exercises to strengthen the triceps and work on proper weight form. I am tired of being Batgirl! This year I would like to wear a summer top without people seeing my bat wings when I raise my arms. If it doesn’t happen this year, it will by next year. Good things come to those that are patient and work hard to achieve what they desire.

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For Christmas three years ago we had purchased our son arm weights because he is the only one out of our family that seemed to WANT to get and stay fit. He asked for them. My first step was to ask his permission to use them. Of course, he said yes.

I still had no idea where I should start and due to time restrictions, I was hoping to find arm weight exercises that I could do while on my stationary bike.  That way I was maximizing my time.  So, I typed in women’s arm exercises with weights into YouTube.  There are were many to choose from.  I have embedded two that I tried below.

Women’s Health Sleek and Sexy Arms


Jillian Michaels Armed and Dangerous:

I set up my computer and did the strength training exercises along with the videos the first time around. First, to see if I could do them and secondly, to be sure I was doing them correctly. What I like about YouTube is if you don’t like the workout, you move on and it doesn’t cost you anything but your time.

After searching I had found a boat load of exercises that I could incorporate into my fitness routine.  Now every other day I do my 30 minute stationary bike workout and also do my arm weight reps at the same time.

weight set

Will arm weights help me to achieve my goal of being wingless? Guess only time will tell.

If you would like to add some arm weights into your workout routine, browse YouTube. There are certainly a wealth of videos!


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