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Day Twenty Three – How To Do a Squat and Leg Lunges

It has been a week since I had incorporated arm weights into my fitness plan.  Yesterday, I mastered how to do a squat correctly and also leg lunges.

Let me state that you WILL be sore the day after performing squats and leg lunges.  You WILL feel each and every muscle in your legs.  Muscles you never knew you had!

How To Do A Squat

How To Do A Lunge

Both the lunge and squats target your quadriceps, hamstrings and glute muscle groups. Although, they are considered strength training exercises, I can attest that I burn about 5-7 calories per minute doing lunges and about 9 calories per minute doing squats.

I plan on doing 20 squats nice and slow each day.  For lunges, another 20, for each leg holding to the count of twenty and back up.

It takes time to build your body up.  One small step each day and soon, I will have an entire fitness plan to complete weekly.

For now it is walking and biking, arm weights, lunges and squats.  I am going to give myself a few weeks to practice this routine.  It still feels a little awkward to me.  I’d like to feel comfortable practicing them.  When I say comfortable, I am not stating it in the definition of physical comfort to perform the exercises.  Instead, I’d like to reduce the anxiety they give me try to complete them as well as the security that I can work through the anxiety to stick with the exercises.

Did you get a chance to watch the videos on how to do a squat?  Leg lunge?  It will take some additional time to practicing them to reassure me this is something I can do.  Push and dig deep!

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