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Frozen Banana, Yogurt and Granola Bites – A Snack That Will NOT Ruin Your Diet

Looking for a sweet treat without ruining your weight loss goals? This frozen banana, yogurt and Grape Nuts treat might be what you are looking for.

Love Maegan Frozen Banana Snacks

I was searching the internet for snacks to replace my summer ice cream habit.  Something that is sweet but still provides some healthy benefits to nourish my body.  That is when I came across an idea on that I felt might work to satisfy me. They were perfect!

Frozen Banana, Yogurt and Granola


Grape Nuts Cereal
Yogurt in any flavor
2 Shallow Bowls
Cutting Board
8×10 Cake Pan
Knife or Banana Slicer


Since we have been slicing plenty of bananas lately I decided to splurge and purchase a Banana Slicer.  For under three dollars, I am pleased with it and found it to be a good investment.




1.) Pour Grape Nuts Cereal into one of the shallow bowls.  Spoon yogurt into the other shallow bowl.

Remove the banana peels and cut them into bite sized pieces.

3.) Dip banana into yogurt to coat and then into Grape Nuts.

4.) Place on 8×10 cookie sheet.  Once you are finished coating pieces, pop the cookie sheet into the freezer.  Freeze solid.

5.) Remove the frozen treats off cookie sheet and place into a freezer container or freezer bags.  When ready for a frozen treat take out a few pieces and eat straight for the freezer.

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