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Little Bit Better Today Than Yesterday

What I’m Eating or Drinking – Apple
Mood – Anything is Possible

I was able to already walk for an hour this morning. I broke it up into two, half hour walks though.  It was so beautiful out.  The sun was shining, it felt great soaking up some Vitamin D and even the crisp air couldn’t stop me. Ok. It could, but I wouldn’t let it.  Remember, I have a mountain to climb?

About two hours after I returned  from my walk, my shins were killing me.  Note to self; you’re not doing a good job stretching.  I will need to pay more attention to the warm up process. I can handle that.

As far as eating.  I am sticking within the 1700 calories, taking my calcium, thyroid medication and drinking plenty of water.  I have tried some interesting water combinations this week.  Our daughter has event night at school tomorrow night and she has been experimenting with infused water recipes.  Tomorrow, I will take some time and share that information with you and pass along some recipes. RECIPES HERE


I have a tremendous amount of work to accomplish over the next year.  Today, I can say health wise, I was a little bit better than yesterday. I need to keep in mind that striving for excellence motivates me; striving for perfection demoralized me.  Today was a little bit better than yesterday, that is all.  Nothing more, nothing less. Something to feel proud of.

Wednesday Breakfast – 500 Calories
1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese (115)
4 Slices of Turkey Bacon (120)
½ Cantaloupe (170)

Wednesday Lunch – 450 Calories Or Under
4 oz Cajun Pork Loin (154)
1 Cup Broccoli Steamed (31)
½ Cantaloupe (170)

Wednesday Dinner – 450 Calories Or Under
4 oz Pork Patty (280)
1 Cup Broccoli Steamed (31)
1 Cup Cauliflower (25)
1 Cup Carrots & 2 Tsp. Hummus (102)

Wednesday Snack – 300 Calories Or Under
¼ Cup Dark Chocolate Covered Cashew (240)