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My First Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip

What I’m Eating or Drinking – Yogurt Covered Raisins
Mood – Comfortable

Putting together an entire week of healthy food choices is difficult when you don’t have a starting point.

The task doesn’t have to be as demanding as it sounds.  There are plenty of websites out there to help you accomplish this goal. The suggestions below are two sites that I researched to find my first weekly food plan.


1.) Gina over at Skinny Taste has a variety of recipes that feature delicious, healthy, low-fat, family friendly recipes several times per week.  I used it as my number one go to website.

2.) There are 1000’s of recipes over at All Recipes that feature lean meats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish. The recipes are submitted through visitors and include reviews and tips by additional website visitors.

I need meal plans for my entire family.  Although, this is my adventure, I am pretty sure my family wouldn’t like to live off fresh fruits and vegetables alone. Which, if I didn’t plan things out, I just might advert to.  Truthfully, I need to be disciplined the first couple of weeks, having everything planned out; leaving nothing to chance.  I’m looking to keep things real.  I’m looking for a healthy eating plan I can follow for the rest of my life and my family will not fight me on. Learning about food choices, portion sizes, menu planning and sticking to healthy habits will benefit the whole family.


Browsing the web gave me the choice to ask my family members if they would be open to trying some new foods.  We could still eat some of the food choices that we had previously, but they needed to be revamped.

I’m following a 1700 calorie plan that you can view here: 1700_CALORIE_MEAL_PLAN. The plan is just an outline but it will give you some insight on the calories I am planning to consume per meal. This plan also takes in account the protein I wanted to consume at each meal.

Calorie Breakdown
Breakfast – 500
Lunch – 450
Dinner – 450
Snack – 300

I am going to try to stay within the calorie breakdown counts above.  Since I am a snacker, I decided to leave a little wiggle room within my Week 1 Meal Plan. The plan for the first week is a little bland.  The general purpose was to get used to portion control and eating the proper foods.

The first week without soda will be rough.  At least I will be able to turn to coffee for my morning caffeine kick.  In the afternoon and evening, it will be all water.