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Meet My Feet- Holy Socks

What I’m Eating or Drinking – Cottage Cheese
Mood – Pleased

I am a cheap skate when it comes to spending money on me.  It’s easy to go out and spend money on the kids or my husband but me, nope.  I just can’t do it. It’s almost as if a sense of overwhelming guilt comes over me, like that money will be needed elsewhere.  Where I get that feeling from, I don’t know.

Where am I going with this you ask?  Well many months back I brought my son to purchase a new sweatshirt, this was just before I fell sick.  When we were in the store I tried on a new pair of tennis shoes and even though I loved them, I passed them up.  My son looked at my socks and said what you really need is new socks!  I knew I had two holes in my socks.  Heck, nobody sees them.  He insisted that I purchase Women’s HeatGear® Socks by Under Armour Medium White.

I did purchase them that day. He had reasoned with me and told me that they would be the best socks I ever owned.  Ah, ok; suuuuure.

The first morning when I went for a walk I put them on. Sure, they were light, they felt good but magical, no.

Little did I know that the magic doesn’t start until you take your walk.  I take back each of my sarcastic comments, I’ll admit it, I was wrong and I will eat my words.  They ARE/ WERE the best socks I have owned.  They breathe!  No more sweaty feet.  I surely didn’t admit that I have sweaty feet, did I? It is supposed to clear up when this darn thyroid gets adjusted. Until then, my son solved my holy sock problem; with wonder socks.

Wake up

I had worn them when I went for my walk that day and a pair everyday since.  It was strange to feel air reach my feet, instead of the built-in barrier I was used.

I have rotated the same 3 pairs of socks as my daily socks for almost a year and guess what?

Today one pair bit the dust. I’m back to holy socks.  Wonder if my son is up for a shopping trip this weekend? You’d never guess what is on my list, would you?

For today, the socks will have to wait. We planned on going out to a nature center and tap maple trees.  I was pretty excited to see how the process works because I have never witnessed the process before.

Brillion Nature 2

We went out to the sugarbush and my daughter happily added maple syrup taps and bags.  She LOVED her day! At the end of our day we enjoyed a scoop of ice cream with fresh, homemade maple syrup.

Whats on my meal plan for today?

Breakfast – 500 Calories

1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese (115)
4 Slices of Turkey Bacon (120)
1 Large Apple (101)
6 Almonds (105)

Saturday Lunch – 450 Calories
4 oz Turkey Breast on Salad (118)
2 Cups Salad Greens (22)
1 Medium Roma Tomato (35)
1 Slice of Red Onion (5)
5 Kalamata Olives (45)
¼ Cup Feta Cheese (99)
2 Tbs. Balsamic Vinaigrette (50)
1/3 Cup Cucumber Slices (16)

(Packing it for the day)

Saturday Dinner – 450 Calories
4 oz Beef Patty (284)
1 Slice Swiss Cheese (90)
Medium Ear of Corn on Cob (72)

Saturday Snack – 300 Calories
Scoop of Ice Cream
Maple Syrup Topping

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday!!


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Think – Inspire Yourself

1.) choices



2.) Reserse


3.) face it


4.) Message



5.) Have


6.) journal



7.) Wake up



8.) Bite



9.) Yesterday



10.) Start





11.) succeed



12.) Hill



13.) Question




14.) Decision



15.) Decision



16.) saying

17.) You can