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That Pound of Weight Loss DOES Matter

Today was weigh in day and I lost another pound.  Some people may say “Oh, only a pound?”  That pound of weight loss does matter!

I get so frustrated when I hear someone say “But I only lost a pound this week.” Only a pound? I’m not sure why people look at one pound of weight loss as a bad thing.  For those of you that think this way let me encourage you to change your thinking.

The items below EACH weigh one pound.  I need visuals sometimes to remind myself of what I am accomplishing.

1 Pound


The poem below was included in an old Weight Watcher’s book of my grandma’s. It fits into my thinking perfectly.



Next time you find yourself depressed about losing a pound in one week. Think of the pictures above. That is a lot of weight to lose in a weeks time. That pound of weight loss does matter!


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Day Eighteen – Call Me Crazy But I Am Seeing Results In My Weightloss Journey

In just eighteen days I am seeing results in my weightloss journey.  Sure I have lost a few pounds and the scale shows the proof.  The number staring back at me is proof but when you can physically see differences in yourself it makes everything you have worked for thus far worth every minute of time you have put into it.

This morning I jumped on my bike in the basement.  I pressed the same button to start my workout that I normally do, or at least I thought I did.  A few songs into my ride I looked down, I have this terrible habit of looking to see how many miles I can go and also watching the time tick down.  It was then, that I noticed I had hit the button setting that I programmed last year.  Just before I got sick last year, I was biking for 30 minutes at the highest resistance that my bike would allow for my morning routine.  Here I had not looked down for 19 minutes.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  I am getting stronger!!  Plus, I am happy to say I completed the 30 minutes.




The 30 minute workout alone was enough to get me through the day on a high note.  That was until after I showered.  Since I had been on a no excercise, depression diet for 6 months, there were a few pieces of clothing I had not been able to wear. Those are the months I like to refer to as my hibernation period – But I am happy to repot they are now long gone. Today, I reclaimed one of the pieces of clothing back into the wear column.

It is extremely strange how your body shifts. I have gained muscle in my lower legs, while I have lost weight or gained muscle in my upper legs. The lower leg portion of my jeans seems tight, were they were loose before. The upper thigh portion is much looser. I am not complaining!

My legs, thighs, butt and lower waist is where the weight needs to come off. The other place I’d like to lose weight in is in my arms.
I have the traditional hour-glass shape to my body, which I have always been happy with. I have always seemed to be extremely bottom heavy though. Awkwardly so.

I have a tiny waist. Where I have to purchase a pair of size 16-18 pants so that I can fit my hips, thighs and legs. My waist is pretty much always been 2-4 sizes smaller than the pants I have to wear to fit my lower half. I have to wear a belt sometimes with the material gathered at the top to keep the waist from falling to the crack of my butt. It is rather annoying!

This year I am hoping to “fix” that. Maybe I will lose enough to even out the imbalance at some point my upper body would be fit enough that I would start shedding the lower half.

For the rest of today I am going to do a laundry, pick up something the kids can make for supper by themselves and get ready for a going away party for someone my husband and I know. It seems like every few weeks someone is moving or retiring lately.

I’ll leave you with the question how are you doing in your weightloss journey?  Hope you enjoy your Friiiiday!